IASH Officers and Leadership

President: Carlos M Ferrario, MD, FAHA, FASH, FACC
Vice- President: Prof. Luis Alcocer MD
Immediate Past President: Robson Santos, MD
Treasurer: Dr. Gregory Fink.
Secretary General: Dr. Sofìa P. Salas, MD.
AHA Hypertension Council Liaison: Joey Granger, Ph.D.
Professional Societies Liaison: Mariela Gironacci, PhD.
Chair, Award and Media Committee: Jasmina Varagic, MD, PhD
Chair, International Liaison Committee: Dr. Ernesto L. Schiffrin
Chair, LASH-IASH Initiatives: Luis Gabriel Navar, Ph.D.
Chair, Medical Affairs Committee: Henry A. Punzi, MD, FCP, FASH
Chair, Publications Committee: Maria Irigoyen, MD
Chair, Social Communications: Minolfa C. Prieto, MD, PhD.
Chair, Strategic Action Committee: Edward J. Roccella, Ph.D., MPH
Chair, Trainee Committee: Dr. Ana Palei, Ph.D.
IASH Statutory Agent: Jeffrey Garvin, Ph.D.
Executive Director: Jewell A. Jessup, Ph.D.